Martingale System For Sports Betting

Martingale is arguably the most well-known betting system in the gambling world. The system can be used by just about anyone without any sports knowledge and is best used for simple forms of gambling, such as roulette and blackjack or other games where the casino/bookmaker has as small of an edge as possible. Many gamblers swear …

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NBA Team Trends To Look Out For – Restart Special

Bar a setback, the NBA is scheduled to resume on July 30 with 22 of the league’s 30 teams playing eight games apiece in a “Disney World Bubble” in Orlando, Florida to establish the final playoff seeding. With 88 games scheduled over 15 days, there certainly won’t be a lack of wagering options for sports bettors thirsty …

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How To Handicap NBA Injuries

How to handicap NBA injuries is knowledge every basketball bettor needs to have in his arsenal to have any hope of beating the bookie. In this article, I will try to break down not just how an injured star player will affect the betting lines, but also less valuable players like role players and bench …

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