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What is a Good Winning Percentage for a Handicapper?

What is a Good Winning Percentage for a Handicapper?

When handicappers claim they have a 70% long term winning percentage, they are simply not telling the truth. You don’t have to be a sports betting math wizard to realize that.

Sure, on any given day, your average bettor can get lucky and pick seven out of ten winners. In fact, all of us may even have that lucky friend who we’ve seen win big on a multiple team parlay…but only to lose it all next week. When we put that 70% into a larger perspective, such as choosing 70 winners out of 100 or even 700 winners out of 1000, it is just not possible.

So what is a What is a Good Winning Percentage for a Handicapper?

Did you know that winning 52.5% of your bets at -110 juice will allow you to break even? This means a 55% handicapper is going to put a lot of money in your pocket while a 50% handicapper is going to lose you loads of cash. This small margin of 2.5% doesn’t seem like a substantial amount, however in sports betting it decides whether you are going to win or lose a lot of money. Be sure to check out our site daily for the best sports handicappers who steadily hit near 55% or better.

To many amateur bettors, such a win rate seems like nothing and is merely a laughable idea to them. They fail to realize that a winning 55% of your bets over the course of a year is going to yield you lots of money.

Perhaps the “win big now” mentality makes amateur bettors ignorant to this concept.

Good Winning Percentage for a Handicapper

Build Your Bankroll Slow and Steady

Here is an example so you can see the amount of money you could make at a 55% winning percentage. Let’s imagine you start out at a $10,000 bankroll and you are able to make 5% in week one. That would be a profit of $500. After week two, it would be $525 and after week three it would be $551.20. Fast forward to the end of a year and you now have $30,000. Congratulations, you have tripled your starting bankroll!

Let’s look at this from a different perspective. Rather than winning 5% on cash, think of it as winning 55% of your wagering units. If you wager ten units a day, you will end up with one more unit after every other day with a 5% return. This would yield you from $30,000 to $40,000 in just one year! Winning this substantial amount of money is possible when you have a handicapper steadily hitting at 55%.

Once you’ve got your handicapper who hits at 55%, then utilize his consistency to your advantage. Your daily cards are going to consist of numerous plays in many sports. It is important to remain consistent with the amount you wager. Do not increase your bets just because you have been winning and do not get impatient if you go on a losing streak.

Pick your amount per play and stick with it. Trust the process.

You should reinvest your winnings via increasing your unit amount per play each year. For example, let’s say you have been playing 2% per unit at $10,000, that would be $200. Well, now your bankroll has grown to $20,000, so your 2% has become $400.

If you keep following this trend, it is possible that you could turn that original $10,000 into well over a million dollars in ten years.

All you have to do is find a handicapper who hits 55% and increase your plays as your bankroll grows.

It’s not magic, it’s mathematics.

Think of your sports betting hobby as a business from now on. It is possible to make a profit just like a well-established business.

If you can hit at 55% without a handicapper, than that is amazing. However, if you can’t like most bettors, then subscribe to my premium picks or check out one of the other handicappers featured my site and we will guide you on the right path.

*This article is referring to ATS sports like basketball and football only. For moneyline sports like baseball and hockey winning percentage is not important. 


Mike Lundin

A former poker pro, Mike Lundin made his picks available to the public in June of 2014. The late start didn't stop him from finishing as the #8 handicapper overall for the year with a profit of $34,970 for $1,000/game clients! He has since racked up multiple Top 10 finishes across several sports.