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Facts You Didn’t Know About the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 51 is coming to Houston Texas Sunday February 5th, 2017. There are probably a ton of things you have heard, whether they are true or not, about the Super Bowl. The celebration around the annual Super Bowl is big since the game weekend it’s pretty much considered a holiday in the United States.

That brings us to the point of a few factual statements about the Super Bowl that you didn’t know.

Here is a list

  • While we know there is a ton of money in the commercials for the Super Bowl, how much money is a ton? Well, as of Super Bowl 50 – it cost $5M to run a 30 second commercial in the Super Bowl.
  • Tickets for the Super Bowl are stupid expensive. If you want to try to go to the game, good luck. It will pretty much take life savings for many Americans. The most expensive Super Bowl 50 ticket was $23,000 on the secondary market.
  • While at it – the least expensive ticket for Super Bowl 50 was $3,301. Amazingly, pretty much every seat in the house was full, and much of the same is expected for Super Bowl 51 in Houston.
  • The city of Houston expects a very busy weekend. The restaurants will be packed, the bars will be packed, and the hotels will be packed. The city of Houston is expecting to reach 1,000,000 visitors during the weekend.
  • It costs just under $5M for the city of Houston to host the Super Bowl. The city will need to make sure they have things working well, and upgraded. This is much like the Olympic Games.
  • The good news – the city of Houston will likely get reimbursed by the location committee of nearly 80% of the costs. Houston is expected to receive just shy of $4M in reimbursement money. From there – once Houston makes up the difference, everything else is profit.
  • The Super Bowl for many people means food. A ton of food is consumed during the Super Bowl, not only AT the big game, but people watching the big game. How much food? It’s expected that 1.3B chicken wings will be ate during Super Bowl 51.
  • TV is a big deal for the Super Bowl. It’s expected that over 114 million people will watch Super Bowl 51.
  • The first Super Bowl was played in Los Angeles, and had nearly 32,000 empty seats. The new franchise in Los Angeles will have fun with that, right?
  • The first halftime show at the Super bowl was played by various marching bands, rocket met and pigeons. Now, we have various groups perform, and for many the halftime show is the biggest entertainment at the Super Bowl.

There are some facts about the Super Bowl we felt you should know! Last year, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers, this year, we have two new teams in the end. This year the Atlanta Falcons will take on the New England Patriots, and it should be another great game.

Enjoy the game!


Mike Lundin

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