Sports Betting as a Business

So I take it you are looking to treat your Sports Betting as a Business. My name is Mike Lundin, and I’m a professional handicapper. Clients of my sports betting service have made hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. All I’m asking in return are subscription fees, all your winnings from the picks I give out are 100 percent yours to keep.

If you’re a big bettor, the subscription fee will amount to just a few units of the bankroll. It’s a simple matter of “spending money to make money”. 

Premium Picks & Subscriptions

My Gambling Background

I’ve been gambling for a living since 2002. In the early days, I played almost exclusively online poker with occasional periods of sports betting until I decided to switch over to sports betting full time in 2013. It was an easy decision to make as my sports betting winnings started to overtake my poker earnings by a large margin.

After a year as a professional sports bettor, my connections in the gambling world allowed me to get in contact with several sports handicapping sites who were impressed by my results. Long story short; my sports picks are now available for the public not only here, but also on various respected sports handicapping sites like Professional Sports Picks, Picks & Parlays, and Capper Reviews, where all my picks are documented.

Sports Betting as an Investment

Serious stock market investors pay stockbrokers to handle their investments, and investing in sports betting is no different. Well, in one aspect it is. Most people are well aware of their limitations at understanding and reading the stock market, but the same can not be said for most sports bettors. You may think you know sports well, but there is not much correlation between knowing sports and knowing how to bet on sports profitably.

To gamble for a living, you need to take it extremely seriously and treat it like a business. That includes everything from pick selections, bankroll management and composure in order to avoid tilt. Making the right picks and decisions when you’re on a hot streak comes naturally, but making the right picks during a slump is easier said than done. And not to mention, the research involved in identifying profitable winning sports picks take time.

This is where I can help you. I have been doing this professionally for several years with a proven track record, and with my picks you don’t have to worry about going on tilt or spending time doing research as all you’re doing is following my advice. You don’t have to lift a finger other than placing the wagers at your sportsbook.

All plays are sent to you by email which includes the pick selection and a write-up for the game.

Subscription Plans

All my premium selections can be purchased individually, but if you’re a serious sports bettor a long-term subscription will prove to be a more profitable investment. At the end of the day, any pick can lose, but if you’re making +EV plays constantly you’re bound to make money long term.

All Sports Subscriptions

The following packages include all my picks for all sports I release during the duration of the subscription. As you can see, the longer the subscription, the better value. Certainly, something to take into consideration when investing in a professional handicapper and sports betting as a business.

These and seasonal sports subscriptions are available on my premium picks & subscriptions page.

Where To Bet

It’s always a good idea to have as many sports betting accounts funded as possible. That way you can shop around for the best lines and odds, making sure you always get the best number available on the market. As the edges are very slim in sports betting, the importance of getting the best possible line can not be understated. Here are the top 5 online sportsbooks I always make sure I’m funded at:

  1. BetAnySports
  2. Jazz Sports
  3. BetOnline
  5. Nitrogen Sports

Other Handicappers

If you browse around the premium and free picks sections as well as the hot streaks page, you’ll see not only my picks and results but also information for some of the other top handicappers in the world today. This site is a partner on the SportsCapping network, through which all my and the other featured handicappers’ picks are documented.